Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Last Night

I'm supposed to check in to the hospital tomorrow at 12:30.  I'm scared.  What if something goes wrong?  It's not like I have some horrible disease and *must* get surgery, this is an elective procedure.  What if something goes wrong and I'm not around for the kids and Jeremy because I elected to do this?  I am not a big cryer and I am having a hard time looking at my Hayden and Zeni today without tearing up.  (Although Zeni's hour long tantrum over being "forced" to eat a bagel and cream cheese for lunch did alleviate that feeling for awhile.)
I have no idea what to expect recovery wise, I have heard everything from "piece of cake" to weeks of agony.  I'm planning on being good to go by Monday, so fingers crossed.  I have nothing profound to say.  I'm scared, and a little hungry.  Send good thoughts tomorrow please!


Amelia said...

Sending them now and tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Post the photos of your boob job when the swelling goes down.

nava said...

Hope all went well; here's to a healthier road ahead!