Saturday, December 1, 2012

Jiggity jig

Home again.  Surgery went great apparently, the last thing I remember is feeling like I was suffocating as they put the mask over my mouth and asked me to breath in the sedation.  Then waking up with Jeremy there and learning that for some reason morphine does not dull my pain and listening to Jeremy explain to the nurses over and over that they were going to have to give me something else.  That man is good in a pinch, I tell you what.  He has been amazing through the whole thing.  He has taken over all kid related tasks until Monday, his mom is here visiting and he has not said a short, grumpy word to me.  I am a lucky woman.
2 nights in the hospital were less fun than I thought they would be.  The pain was not mild and it was surprisingly hard to get comfortable although when I did sleep it was dark and lovely, until the next person came into me room to check on me.
Home yesterday and I was still in pain in the morning so was feeling a little apprehensive about leaving the hospital but as soon as I got into bed I was glad to be home.  Slept most of the day yesterday and am contemplating a walk today.

OK, seriously, I don't think I can keep up these updates.  They are SO DAMN boring.  I apologize.  Unless you are contemplating surgery yourself you have no need for the minutia that has been my last few weeks.

Let's spice things up with some kid updates:

Hayden is halfway through first grade and has only been sent to the principals office once - we are proud friends.  He is a total goofball and has lately taken to saying "f*&kin A!" or, if things are really grim, "double f(%kin A".  We ask that our sweet little snowflake reserve his most colorful vocab for use inside the house only but I know the day is coming when I will have to explain to his lovely teacher  that yes, he learned that from me and no, to be honest, I don't really give a shit if he cusses but I will ask him not to do it at school.  He can dole out the insults and teases like it's nobody's business but the second someone teases him he is in tears and full of rage - he is a sensitive kid and I'm still learning how to help him stay that way while gaining a little perspective and at least the appearance of a slightly thicker skin.
Zeni is getting the full God press at her Presbyterian preschool and what I say bears no weight.  Sometimes I find her staring at me and I wonder if she thinks I am going to hell.  Oh well, it will wear off, right?  She loves cooking lately - anything that has to do with her helping me in the kitchen which hasn't been much lately due to ye olde liquid diete.  Zeni is also super excited because the house we are moving into has 4 TVs!  Too bad for her those TVs are leaving the house with their owners and she will be back to her parents' all netflix all the time plan.
Finally, big things are afoot at the Circle K.  No, I mean at LTYM Spokane (and LTYM nationwide!)  New blogs and announcements coming soon and check out all the new cities for this year - if you live near one, start writing and get ready to audition!  And if you live in Spokane a special plea to consider, write, read, DO NOT let the voices in your head talk you our of letting Stacey and I hear your story.  Seriously.  Please  Email me for confidence boosting and check the LTYM site (as well as here) for updates!

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anymommy said...

yay LTYM 2013! hoping today is even better than yesterday, recovery-wise.