Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, hold the rolls.

Thanksgiving.  The dietician said to me, at our last meeting, something along the lines of:
"You can eat on Thanksgiving.  Solid food.  You can eat all the turkey you want, and all the veggies, and you can choose either pie or potatoes".  This is lovely and kind and humane and making me extremely nervous.

I've been following the rules for the past 8 days partly because I don't want an inflamed liver to interfere with my surgery but mostly because it is EASY.  I have a choice of 3 things to put in my mouth.  There are no decisions for me to make, it doesn't matter what I *feel* like consuming.  Apparently I excel in this situation.  It's like school.  If you do x and y and you produce z you will get A.  Easy peasy, no nuance.

15 pounds lighter...
Today, the reins are loosened.  If there can be turkey and can there also be a roll?  How about a small roll?  How about 12 rolls?  Whipped cream on the pie?  It's a slippery slope my friends, and I feel like the first bite of that turkey (which have no fear I will enjoy mightily) is the first little step downwards...

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!  We are still finding our own Thanksgiving tradition as a family.  I've taken the kids to Chicago a few times, where most of my family and oldest friend live, and when we stay in Spokane we sometimes have dinner alone and sometimes with friends.  Today I will be lucky enough to sit down with some of my favorite people in this God forsaken city.  In this Spokane phase of my life I have found an amazing community of friends.  They are hilarious, and smart and interesting and they get me, and they love me.  Add to that a husband who has been more supportive of this surgery than I ever could have imagined and continues to amaze me as he becomes an accomplished, well respected professional who can still get into a fight at a Dropkick Muprhys concert, 2 pretty damn good kids, a dog, a fish and a new house and shit, I've got it made.

"I've got it made" - now there's an understatement.  My lifestyle would land me in the top 5% of the worlds population.  I can get antibiotics for my kids when they are sick.  I can turn on the faucet, fill a glass with clean water and drink it.  I live without the daily fear of violence.  I can freak out over having to eat less, when most people on earth need to eat more.  So thankful, so very thankful.

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anymommy said...

xo, love you and your beautiful thoughts.