Monday, November 19, 2012

7 days, 2 houses and 33 protein drinks

Yes, that is SEVEN days since I've put anything you can chew into my mouth.  Except those veggies and hummus.  I feel fine.  No headaches, not even that grouchy, but the psychological aspect of it is still tough - like I was making lunch for the kids today and it took a.lot. of willpower not to eat the crumbs that had fallen when I cut the bagels.  Not because I was hungry but because there they were, you know, food, and that goes in your mouth.  Also, just in case you ever decide to do this for fun, the "Better than Bouillon" chicken broth base that they sell at Costco is delicious - as much so as these things can be, anyway.  Much better than straight up chicken broth.

So since this has all been going better than planned I decided to throw a little excitement into the mix.  This morning we signed the papers to sell our house!  We already bought a different house, and we bought it contingent on the sale of ours which is now done, barring something atrocious coming up at one of the inspections, etc.  Yippee!  So my surgery is on the 28th of November, we move into the new house around the 15th of December and close on the sale of our current house the following week.

The new house has more room for out of town guests, a bigger yard and is only a few blocks away from where we currently live.  This is all horribly exciting, especially since I've heard one of the best ways to recover from abdominal surgery is to move heavy boxes.  The biggest upside is definitely the fact that meeting with movers and realtors and insurance people is a fantastic way to keep you so busy that you forget that you are STARVING.  So good.

Off to meet with another mover!

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Unknown said...

I think I missed some of your latest updates. Thanks for "chatting" with me tonight. I feel better, knowing that you are feeling better. Happy for you. Call soon.