Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 3324

Well, actually day 3.  It's been much better than yesterday, when I literally had to avert my eyes from billboards advertising solid foods lest I drive directly to whatever restaurant they were advertising.  Headaches of yesterday are gone, as is the general grumpiness.  Before I started this pre-op diet my dietician promised me that I would not actually feel *hungry* in a physical sense and I thought she was 20 tons of bullshit stuffed into a 10 pound bag (ha!  Credit to Stephen King, if 3000 pages of The Stand can't take my mind off these two weeks then I don't know what can... don't judge, old Stephen King is awesome.) Turns out she is right.  It is a strange, strange thing to feel hungry (wanting something to put in your mouth, wanting the routine of having a snack while watching Modern Family while the kids are at school) but not be hungry.

I did have a little snafu last night - I went to see David Sedaris with a good friend and we met up at a bar before for drinks.  While I imbibed only water, I did munch on 3 cucumber slices, 2 carrots and a few dabs of hummus and I'll be damned if that wasn't some fine tasting food.  Maybe you already know that baby carrots are good but I (sorry mom, avert your eyes) have never eaten one.  Never, as in ever, as in ew get that nasty thing away from me, I don't care if it's cooked or not or how much cheese you've drizzled over it.  I was talking to my friend after the show (did I fail to mention she is also a psychiatrist who always has wise and kind things to say about my general state of mental unrest?) and she pointed out that I will be tasting and appreciating things in a whole new way for awhile. Her words were a reminder that I am doing something that is kind of not a small change and is a good and healthy and a big deal as well as an all around sane choice and they made me feel really good.

It also made me feel good to get on the scale this morning to see that I have lost 10 pounds.  I shit you not.  Granted the few days before I started this I not at all watching what I ate and I'm sure some of it is just that wearing off but it was pretty good motivation to keep going!

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