Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Buying and Selling

At my house, we don't like to pansy-ass around things, we like to take that list of "things that cause stress"* and see how many of them we can squeeze in together.  I am not sure we will ever top the (1) get married (2) change jobs (3) change states (4) buy house (5) have first baby that was 2005, but we are giving it a shot.

We bought a house!  It's adorable on the outside, still in our beloved neighborhood, and funky enough on the inside that we can afford it.  Score.  It also has enough room for out of town guests so that they don't have to be stuffed into the basement.  This is good not only because the basement is a little dank but also because one time (at band camp) when my mom was here the sewer backed up into the basement and left her unable to get from the bed (which had become an island in shit storm, literally) to the stairs.  Sorry mom.  So yippee for a new house!

In order to close on that new house, we need to sell ours.  No problem.  Selling a house in a down market in the weeks before Thanksgiving?  So far we've had a lot of people through which is great in theory but all that really means to me is "there were a lot of mornings when I had to get the kids and the dog out of the house and leave it looking pristine" which, in case you haven't had the pleasure, is not as fun as it sounds.

And then there's my surgery.  I've been cleared by the surgeon and by the insurance company and am contemplating moving the date up to the beginning of December because there is only so much angsting I can do before I start to get on my own nerves.  I am glad I had to wait for awhile, I think I understand what I am getting into and from here on in it's just time to worry.

But what am I worrying about?  It's HALLOWEEN!  HALLOWEEN!  Do you hear me?  A holiday that barely registered on my radar from the age of 15 until the age of having my own kids and now is a
cluster f*&k of a day which starts and ends with SO MUCH EXCITEMENT that I literally think the kids might explode.  Zeni has been wearing her costume all day and it's a good thing she is adorable because she is also already out of her mind exhausted and we haven't even had dinner yet.  I foresee serious meltdown.
So that's the down and dirty update, Happy HALLOWEEN, may you all survive and not have to leave your house in a pristine state by 8 tomorrow morning.

*Disclaimer - I do not consider Wikipedia an actual source of reliable information and we are very, very lucky to not have had to deal with some of the things on this list and no I am not comparing getting divorced or loosing a loved one to my silly issues.  Well, actually I am, but it is with my toung planted firmly in my cheek.


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