Thursday, October 14, 2010

The End Times

I'm hiding from my cleaning guy.

He's very, very nice and can clean floors like it's nobody's business. He is usually just finishing up by the time I get home from picking up Hayden but today he was just getting started because a close friend of his died this morning. Horrible, right? So I give him a hug and he starts telling me he thinks Jeremy would be uncomfortable with that. So I am hiding until I hear him close the front door behind him.

Other uncomfortable conversations with him have included one I will call "Obama is the anti-christ" and "The end is nigh, repent".

Very nice man.

Did I mention killer job on the hardwoods?

Thanks for all your encouraging emails and comments. Week 4 of 12 has started for my craz(y?)(ed?) work out program and it's going really well. I have more energy, feel stronger, my posture is better and even getting up at oh-dark-thirty isn't as tough as it used to be. I have *not*, however, lost any weight. WTF? My instructor keeps reminding me that muscle weighs more than fat but really perky fitness woman? I will buy your assertion but to suggest that someone who up until 4 weeks ago had dessert at least 3 times a week is building muscle faster than she is burning fat seems hard to believe. Frustrating.

In other non-sequetors...

This morning Jeremy suggested we kill the 2 remaining chickens and eat them. I found it kind of sexy.

We have somehow managed to spend more money this month that we have, like, ever spent before. Big car work up, dentist visits times 3 (I avoid the dentist), new tires, payment for winter trip to Mexican vacation paradise, asbestos testing for bathroom remodel, some work expenses we will get reimbursed for and did I mention I am taking the kids to Chicago for Thanksgiving and accidentally purchased SIX plane tickets for the three of us? Muh bad.

OMG he is not gone and I am starving and quiet time will be over soon and I haven't gotten anything ready and all I have accomplished in an hour is watching Modern Family on hulu and telling you all the inane thoughts in my head.

OK, I'm going in....


Me. Us. She. said...

I hired a personal trainer (oh he was so cute) for 2 months a couple of years ago. Worked my BUTT off several times/week with him. Managed to gain 3 pounds. When I was hoping to lose 10. He gave the whole muscle explanation as well. As soon as I quit him and went home and tracked my calories (cutting back to 1200) for a month I lost 5 pounds. Go figure. Apparently working out that hard made me REALLY HUNGRY!
Good luck. :) Amanda

dearheart said...

OMG, OMG, that. is one. awkward moment. Do you need a hug to get beyond it? Chris won't mind.

I get the hungry fit girl thing. I only lose weight when I seriously cut calories and exercise. Just keep with it. It's the only thing you can do to get what you want. I'm cheering for you every gosh darn day, GF!

anymommy said...

A conversation with D does make you feel a bit like the end is nigh.

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