Thursday, November 4, 2010

Weigh In

So I hit the six week mark of my program - it came rather unserendipitously right after a trip out of town where gluttony in both food and drink (is that repetitive?) were the name of the game.

Results: weight loss negligible, centimeter loss more remarkable. I lost 5 centimeters from my "lower abdomen" (read: most blubbery part of body) and some from thighs and calves as well. My chest was the same but I blame that on an unfortunate bra choice, and my arms got bigger from the weight lifting.

So for the next 6 weeks I continue with the 3 morning a week weight training and start making myself do what I was supposed to be doing all along - c.a.r.d.i.o. 3-4 times a week, I'm shooting for 40 minutes each session.

I feel good about the whole thing, and surprisingly undiscouraged by the stagnate scale. Yesterday I ran 5 kilometers which was one of my goals for myself - I know I am getting stronger and am trying to focus more on making this a lifestyle change than a race to reach a certain goal weight.

In line with that whole "lifestyle change" thing Jeremy and I are thinking we will become a family who cross country skis together, which seems to be what a lot of people around here to do fight off the winter doldrums, get some exercise and spend time together in the winter. Never mind that the last time I was cross country skiing was at "winter camp" in Northern Wisconsin when I was 12 and I peed my pants..

(Want to talk about questionable parenting decisions, let's review that I was a girl who grew up in the S.O.U.T.H, North Carolina to be exact - we did not have cross country skiing, or really even snow, and my parents were so itching to get rid of me over the 2 week winter break that they shipped me to "camp" in Northern Wisconsin where I went on a cross country ski day trip in JEANS? Thanks guys:)

In other news, we are making out upstairs half bath into a bathroom with a shower (which I believe makes it a 3/4 bath?). This involves a very nice, very talented man who works super hard destroying and then rebuilding things in my upstairs. He is fast and keeps things really clean and despite all that it is still hard to have someone else in your house. (See previous cleaning guy post..) I think he thinks I'm lazy - in the time it takes him to tear down and rebuild a wall and plumb a new shower I have left the house with two children, returned with one who I promptly placed in front of the TV, and cleaned the kitchen.

Also, my dog has diarrhea.



dearheart said...

That's the reason I leave whenever anyone not related to me enters my home to complete a project. I hate it when my true laziness is revealed!

But more importantly, GO YOU on six weeks of hard work! It is an accomplishment worth celebrating (in moderation of course, given the lifestyle change). But I'm still not sold on the cross country gig. Brrrr. (:

anymommy said...

Yay for positive lifestyle changes. Boo to diarrhea.

Amy said...

Snow shoeing is good, too. Keep on rockin' girl!