Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Let's see..

How many major life events I can cram into a few months.

I would say the runner up would be

(1) Graduating from Harvard

(2) Getting married

(3) Buying my first house

(4) Moving to a city I had never before seen

(5) getting pregnant

(oh, and I think I got a dog in there somewhere, as well...)

I managed to cram all of those into six months but if all goes as planned Jeremy and I will create a new personal record as we attempt to:

(1) Sell house in Washington State

(2) Buy house in NC

(3) Quit stable job in Washington

(4) Move household contents from point A to B

(5) Travel to Ethiopia to meet and bring home our baby

(6) Start new more or less unknown job in NC

No wonder we are fighting so much! Should we wait to sell the house here before buying another one? Should we do this at all? Why not just stay where we are? We are both relatively happy and are really starting to feel like we have a community of people who we love.

I realize, when calm (which is by the way happening less and less these days) that we are moving to NC because it is a place where we can settle for the long term. There are jobs for me there if ("WHEN!!" Jeremy would inject) I go back to work. We have family there. People have 4 wheel drive so they can go off roading, not because it snows 12 inches in as many hours. I think (and believe) it is a place where Jeremy will find a community he likes and opportunities he misses here. I want our children to see diversity, which is sorely lacking here. So moving is most likely the right decision. Doing it at the same time as adopting may not be.

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anymommy said...

So, hope it's okay that I found you now. Cause, as you know, I spend a lot of time reading blogs lately. That's the problem with the whole comment thing - let's people track you down! That is a lot of life changes all at once. Maybe you guys should think about putting off the move....oh, wait, not about me, not about me.

You will love your daughter with all your heart. You just focus on trust and care and suddenly you look back over six months and love just happened in there somewhere.