Wednesday, August 31, 2011


We've upped our kid count by 2 for the day, but it's worth it since they are adorable and accompanied but their witty and sarcastic and delightful mother. Last night was the best sleep night yet - some of them were too nackered to wreak havoc, some of them were preemptively sent to separate bedrooms, and Hayden had been stung by 3 bees so even though he was showing no signs of any kind of allergic reaction i went ahead and dosed him with benadryl. For his health.

We've found our daily routine- up, cereal, a few scant minutes of only the most high quality, beneficially educational tv programming, then outside until lunch, eaten at the picnic table. Lunch is followed by quiet time which is actually movie time- Jungle Book today. Then back outside until dinner followed by bath time in the hot tub, and off to bed.

A few snaps from yesterday:
Beautiful woman with a fantastic hat

Owens ice cream in Newport- you should have seen the look on the woman behind the counter when we marched all the kids in.

happy, happy babies

happy happy siblings

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