Monday, August 29, 2011

Night two.

don't worry, Garrett isn't drowning....

We knew at 6am that it was going to be a long day. We slogged it out, skipped naps in hopes of a better tonight and, are the numbers:

5:30pm - 1 out of nine down
6:15 - 3 down. We've weeded out those who should have napped and are feeling cocky.
6:30 - the remaining 6 are lined up in the loft and put to bed. We retreat to the deck. We smile and talk and think about our babies all whispering and falling asleep together.
6:35 - first child is lost to bathroom exile.
6:40 - 2 more kids ripped from the loft for getting out of their sleeping spots. We have 3 left upstairs and no more room to put them anywhere.
7:37 - 5 out of 9 down, remaining 4 are quietish. It's looking to be a better night than last.

And by the way, we are having a great time. Swimming, eating, drinking and enjoying the entire Disney collection. That's right, every cartoon and movie ever made, bootlegged and burned onto a library of dvds acquired in Afghanistan and brought to Eastern Washington via Stacey's sister who is some kind of super spy, or at least really good at bringing killer presents home from work trips.

As the sun sets and the water laps at the dock I sit and I feel not alone. I have two women by my side who do not bat an eye when I threaten and yell at my kid for not falling asleep, or pour another glass of wine, or make politically incorrect jokes or admit that I am not positive exactly what happened with that whole Pearl Harbor thing. (Kidding. Sort of.)

Having two kids in a new city, far from old friends and family could have been a long and lonely road and instead it has been a joyous and bittersweet and affirming and hilarious journey and I never forget, even for a moment, (or ok maybe I forgot in the peri-chicken-killing moments but I almost never forget) how lucky I am.

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Anonymous said...

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Amelia said...

It really does look like Garret is drowning.
It sounds exhausting, this business of sleeping!