Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I hate being bored. Not that I think anyone likes it, but throughout my life being bored has gotten me in enough trouble that I know I need to avoid it if possible. I don't mean a leisurely afternoon with nothing planned kind of bored, I love those. I mean "I am sitting on the couch watching drivel on our tv and do not have the energy to get up or do anything" bored which, now that I type it out like that, sounds like boredom bordering on depression which I think, for me, is accurate. The two go hand in hand.

Recently bored happens during my kids' quiet time. We have finished round one of child- related activity, which is usually actually just a cover for me to spend time with friends, they are sleeping or in quiet time, and Days of our Lives has just started. (Don't hate). This is the branch point. If I sit down on the couch to watch, it is over. I'm bored, I'm playing games on my phone, and eventually I fall asleep which leaves me in a kind of hazy stupor that doesn't wear off until bed time. Then I'm up late since I'm not tired, I'm watching more crappy tv, tired the next day, and the cycle continues.

If I stay off the couch then when quiet time ends the house is clean, I've usually read something interesting and even have some veggies cut up for dinner. A 3 pm cup of coffee and I'm good to go until bedtime at a reasonable hour.

Next year I will have three mornings to myself. If one morning is taken up grocery shopping and general errand running and laundry that still leaves a lot of room for potential boredom. And no, thanks, I'm not ready to (and am supremely lucky not to have to) hurry out and get a job. But I do need something.  A new venture, a goal, a vision.  One that combines
1.  Something I am interested in and passionate about with
2.  Hours that are up to me and eternally flexible with
3.  Me being in charge, or at least not having to take too much direction from someone else with
4.  A convertible or a new motorcycle with a side car with
5.  Income.  Not a lot, just enough to pay for vacations and college savings.

I could probably survive without #4, for now at least.

Wheels are turning, body is resisting the DOOL call, and my mind is a jumble:

writing, talking with and helping others, analyzing, data, community, Ethiopia, refugees, disaster management, school volunteer, music, connection, family, balance.

I know the answer is in there, I just have to let it percolate in the back of my mind until it is ready to show itself.  And I have to stay off the couch.  And maybe get some exercise.  And do the laundry... 


Anonymous said...

hang in there...if you ever need a brainstorming-wine buddy, call me!
-Sarah Dix

anymommy said...

I like the ingredients going into the pot. You are going to come up with something amazing. In the meantime, I am always available for boredom relief ;-)

Me. Us. She. said...

Oh my, have I commented before that we are quite possibly the same person AND married to the same men? Bizarre.

Bee said...

And so, what happened? It's now 2015.