Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Olympic Battles

We spent the week on the Olympic Peninsula and Seattle for Jeremy's 40th birthday trip. Jeremy packed the car. This may seem like a heinously boring detail but in the life of our marriage it is actually a fantastic development. If it was up to me I would bung everything in the back of the car and dig it out when it was needed. I would also probably pack furniture - well, at least beach chairs, maybe an inflatable mattress just in case.. If it were up to Jeremy he would pack a blanket, some matches, and some anti bacterial soap in the most efficient use of space way possible. This difference in our personalities has caused some fights that were so nasty and vitriolic that they have actually ruined the first 24 hours of many a vacation. So we have a new system:
Step 1 - I make piles of things to take in a designated "pile staging area"
Step 2 - Jeremy assesses piles and packs these piles into tupperware bins (why not suitcases? No idea. But the beauty of this system is that after I make the piles I am done, and Jeremy promises that everything in my piles will arrive ar our destination. Except furniture.)
Step 3- Jeremy loads the car at least 6 times. He takes into consideration access to items-needed-while-driving, diaper changing areas and, I think, the square root of infinity.

In the end it looks like this:

And we were off.

First stop was Olympic National park, a 5 hour 7 hour (with 2 of them at a dead stop in inexplicable traffic jam - the kind that you get to the end of and there is not a hint of anything that should have precipitated such a hideously long/children wailing/considering peeing on the highway shoulder wait) drive. Totally worth it. We stayed at Crescent Lake and it was beautiful:

This old house had a sitting area with a fireplace, a restaurant and a beautiful sunporch overlooking the lake. We hiked and fished and roasted marshmallows and soaked in hot tubs.

We spent the last day in Seattle seeing the zoo and the Ikea. Good times were had:
And throughout the entire vacation I was obsessed with shit.  But that, my friends, is a story for a different day.
It may actually break the 80 degree mark here in the Inland Northwest this week so keep your fingers crossed for me and ENJOY the summer!

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Shawny said...

Looks fun! We took our kids last weekend to Seattle for the 5, wait, 7 hour drive (perhaps the only plus of the drive was HAVING to eat at that Mexican food restaurant in the middle of BFE because there are no other options and MAKING myself enjoy a margarita which made the rest of the drive fairly enjoyable. For me.) and decided to do the Science Center instead of the Zoo because it was really windy. We squeezed in the aquarium too which both the kids loved! Next trip the zoo and space needle.