Saturday, May 21, 2011


There is a road up a hill in our town.  It is a steep ascent that levels out for brief periods every thirty feet or so.  Kinda like those old school tall metal slides with bumps in the middle.  I like to gun it up and then let off the gas just as we reach teach apex.  It makes my stomach do a little flip.  Apparently for my son it has a different effect.

Hayden - "Weeee!  Mama this is fun!"
Zeni - "Weeee!  Weeee!"
Hayden - "mama, going up this hill makes my p*nis feel funny.  Funny good, not funny bad.  Zeni, does it make your va*ina feel funny?"
Zeni - "Yeah!  It makes my jyna feel funny.  Weee!"

On Mother's Day I was adorned with lei's boasting Corona Light key chains by the waitress at the Mexican restaurant  My kids spent the following day running around yelling "Corona Light!"  Because I told them it was a magical ingredient that made their necklaces super powered.  (Check out Zeni's hair - those are twists, halfway back her head.  Not bad, eh?)

And finally, for my post of random things about my kids, Zeni is 3.
Beautiful, beautiful baby.


anymommy said...

Beautiful babies for sure. Even when they enjoy a hill a little too much.

MommyOver40 said...

I love Zeni's Bob Marley shirt. Of course she would wear that. Your children are so funny. My John talks about them daily. YOU are so funny and a great writer. I love reading your posts.

Anonymous said...

Whoa,your kids are pervs.