Saturday, January 8, 2011

Listen to Your Mother!

One of the best things about having a blog is finding all the other people who have blogs. There are so many amazing, creative women out there who are, at night or during nap time, lunch time, in the bathroom or while Dora is playing on tv, writing! Writing beautifully, movingly, finding an outlet for their creativity and angst and triumphs. My favorite is when I am surprised to find out someone has a blog, because they just "didn't seem the type" and I start reading it and it's fantastic and I get to know them in a whole new way.

If you fall into this category, if you write or think you might want to, please consider coming out to audition for the premiere Spokane performance of Listen to Your Mother.

It's a show, put on for the first time last year in Madison Wisconsin and debuting in Spokane on Mother's Day, 2011. The idea behind the show is awesome in it's simplicity: mothers reading their own writing about being mothers. Money from ticket sales goes to benefit both local and national organizations that support women and children. Stacey, a woman of a zillion talents and almost as many children, knows Ann, the Madison mom who put together the idea and last year's show and thought it could be successful here so offered to put it on here. Since I am generally less motivated than she, Stacey is dragging my sorry self along in this endeavor and I am enjoying every minute of it.

Check out the website for information on the show and on auditioning and then DO IT! I am, and I am not particularly confident or experienced or published or daring, so you can do it too!! I would love to talk or email with anyone who has questions about writing, auditioning, etc. so shoot me an email if you want.

Here's to an awesome audition turn out!


anymommy said...

I love you and this is so exciting and so much fun, but especially so because you are experiencing it with me. xo.

julia hayes said...

So I had to just find out more about you. The idea of Harvard to Homemaker sent me into sparkly delight! Have been reading your blog a little. Lovely. Thought I'd introduce myself here and once again express my excitement over the Listen to Your Mother project! Oh, the voice of motherhood that is from what I consider the 'real and true' experts is coming...Ahhhhh like a warm healing cleansing spring shower. I can't wait!
~julia hayes

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the flyer today! It is good to put a REAL face with a blog... I have read your blog before and really like it!

Anna See said...

this is going to be awesome!

Ann Imig said...

Elise, thank you so much for producing the Spokane show! When will we get to meet?

This is SO exciting!!


The Empress said...

Hello! Followed you here from the BIOS at LTYMshow main page.

Congratulations on the exciting news of being the director of the Spokane LTYM.

I love this concept, and am so eager to follow all the LTYM shows debuting this year.

Isn't this a wonderful thing? To give voices to so many?