Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fear of Flying

And I don't mean the version where you have sex with hot strangers in trains.  

I mean the part where you cross the country alone, with an active 3 year old and a quiet but demanding 10 month old.  We are in North Carolina right now visiting my parents.  It's been a great trip, and my mom was even kind enough to fly out to Spokane and pick us up since Jeremy has to work.  Sweet deal, right?  Absolutely.  But now the day has come that I must return to Spokane, alone.

I remember when I was booking our flight.  I was in a really good mood.  I thought - "oh yeah, I'll take the 6pm departure that gets into Spokane at 11pm, and the kids will sleep the whole way."  Please note - my son has never slept in a car, on a plane, in a stroller, ANYWHERE except in a bed.  My daughter will sleep, but only in my arms.  I seem to have overlooked this as I made the reservations, picturing two children curled up in my lap and me quietly flipping through US Weekly with a glass of wine.  

Fast forward to today.  Zeni has been up since 5:30am, is refusing to take a nap (I've turned off the baby monitor and can still hear her through the walls, babbling, crying, babbling - I've checked for poop.  I've fed.  I've changed.  I've rocked and sung.  I can do no more.  She is on her own, and judging from the sounds coming through the walls not doing a great job at the old self soothing).  Hayden, who is usually in bed by 6:30pm, rallied to keep us all up until 11 last night, and is now doing the zombie stare into the TV as I pack - oh, I mean blog.
People do this all the time.  Stacey does it like a champ, with 3 kids.  Kristen just did it a few days ago and landed intact.  I have hiked the Himalayas, been charged by a rhino, chased out of a village in rural Zimbabwe, and I am scared.  

Wish me luck.
Wish me quick flights and sleepy children.

(And don't think I haven't thought about benadryl - we tried it once with Hayden and it turned him into a hyper lunatic, and Zeni only weighs 15 pounds so I feel kinda bad drugging her.  I do have some in my bag though, just in case..)

Oh, and so sorry about the blog colors!  I was agog to see them when I logged in, will fix - I mean pack and then fix - tout suite....


Kristen said...

I am sending you good thoughts as you fly across the country! Maybe they WILL sleep the whole way! lylas!

anymommy said...

I have no special secrets, just grit my teeth and endure. I know you lived because I saw you and your beautiful kiddos this week. Good thing because I could not endure this lovely little town without you.