Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Who doesn't love the Chordates?

My husband is fantastic.

We get into ridiculous arguments over things neither of us really care about when we are stressed out about kids, money, life.

We get resentful of the other because "you get to hang out with the kids all the time" "Yeah, well you get to leave the house every day, use your brain AND pee by yourself".

I yell (yes, I have actually yelled about) his inability to hang up a towel after using it and, conversely, his inability to use a towel that is hung up and instead get a clean one our of the cupboard.

He yells (yes, he has actually yelled about) me putting trash in the trash can. (Right?? He totally has more issues than I do:)

We both yell when the other is driving: "damn it Jeremy, if you touch my windshield wipers I am going to kill you" (don't forget the "Damnit" chorus coming from the back seat) "Elise! Stop texting as you drive with my children in the car! Jesus!" ("Jesus christ damn it papa! Can I say that? It is ok?")

Then there are those moments when I remember why I love him. He came home early from work yesterday so I could get some stuff done. I got home after a lovely, productive afternoon and drinks with a friend to a quiet, clean dark house. I tiptoed upstairs to find him in bed, reading.

"Honey, listen to this! Did you know that chordates' gas exchange mechanism is completely different from anything...." I would love to go on quoting him, but really, I understood no more. Not that I didn't understanding in general what he was talking about - I didn't even understand the actual words he was using. I wouldn't have even known what a chordate was if there wasn't a useful drawing of a squid on the cover of the book. "AND, I found a mistake on this graph!" Only Jeremy would (a) be reading this book (b) be interested in it and (c) be paying enough attention and have enough understanding of the subject to find a MISTAKE by the author.

Not only is he the smartest person I know, he is the most interested person I know. He is actually interested in chordates. And the social life of ants (another text on our shelves) and social justice, health care reform, endocrinology, anthropology, music... you get the idea.

So honey, I will try to remember next time you drape your towel over the office chair that you did it because your brilliant mind was working out a gas exchange calculation and couldn't be bothered with the minuta of towel etiquette.

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that's me.

heytheredearheart said...

Wow. Chordates. I had to look it up (what else is new). Good thing for smarties like your hub and his lovely wife. Also, one day in your near future, I imagine towel placement will return to minutia for you too.

jenzoe said...

Hey. I found your blog and LOVE it. Nice to see a(half) Jew in the mix with all of the people who pray to the big J-man 500 times a day. We are in the process and about to pick an agency. I would love to hear about who you picked and if you liked it. Not sure how to find your email.

Anonymous said...

OMG! U r so lucky! It could only be better if he liked running and Bruce Lee movies, too!