Monday, January 9, 2012

how can you LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER if she isn't saying anything?

How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?

How can you produce and participate in a show featuring writers if you don't write?

The former is a question pondered by Roger Waters and my kids, the latter by me.

I have known for almost a year that there would be a  Second Annual Listen To Your Mother Spokane.  I have been so excited to get going with the audition announcement (which you can see here - yippee!  Audition!  We're trying really hard to get as diverse a base of readers as possible this year and encourage everyone to audition!!).  I have this pit in my stomach because, for the last 4 months, I have written nothing.  There are notes scribbled on bits of paper by my computer, there are voice memos on my phone with ideas for essays, but there is nothing more.

So I am committing, in psudo-blog-public, to writing.  At least one post a week.  Maybe more.  Probably not.

And, because I am making the rules, this post counts for this week.  And, because I am also aware of what a sorry excuse for a post this is, I am going to try and ameliorate the situation by hitting the highlights of the last few months of life with some pictures that make it look like every day in my life is filled with only love, family, and friendship.  Don't you love the ability to whitewash the past?  Enjoy!
First day of kindergarten for Hayden, first day of preschool for Zeni
Halloween.  My women's studies friends from college would gag.
Zeni and Jeremy on an occupy spokane march.  They were really fun, especially with the kids, but now every time we are at the bank, or driving by a bank, my kids yell "greedy pigs!" at anyone they see.  It's hard to teach nuance and subtlety.

Snowshoeing with the kids

Merry Christmas and Chappy Chanukah!
Sing along Sound of Music.  Spokane is getting so hip!

My Christmas present - my new office!  Still needs some work in this picture but I am loving the wallpaper.  

OK first of all she has started dressing yourself, can you tell?  Second of all wow sometimes I am taken aback by how beautiful my daughter is!


Ann Imig said...

Love your office! Love your renewed blog commitment! Here we gooooooooo!

maggie g. said...

I love your office and your kids... wowza, your girl is gorgeous!and fashionable too!

mosey (kim) said...

I want your office. Can I? (can't believe I have not come to visit you before this because even your phoning it in post is entertaining. Plus, your kids are darn cute.)

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Go for it! And both of your kids are quite gorgeous.

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