Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On Incest and Traffic Jams

Random assortment of thoughts and happenings from around the chicken coop:

1. No eggs. I freaking DE MITED these chickens in the hopes that their infestation was what was precluding egg production. That basically means I fire-bombed them and their coop with some de-miting agent so maybe it is best that there are no eggs yet since any recently layed may be capable of inducing a third eye in the consumer.. But come on, throw me a bone (egg!) - this is going to be like a $500 egg.

2. Jeremy took Zeni to her first movie today. Some 30 minute Imax movie with dancing bears. She was SO excited and came running in to the house to show me her ticket stub. Adorable.

3. So glad I am not a frequent Mongolia-Bejing commuter.

4. Is Friday Night Lights over for the whole year? nooooo. Also Dear Jeremy, can we please subscribe to HBO for the 30 minutes per week that Weeds is on?

5. Is it just me, or is Sylvester and the Magic Pebble a really disturbing book?

6. Hayden and Zeni say they want to share a room. That would definitely be a short term fix to ye olde our-house-needs-one-more-room problem, but is it sustainable? How long can different gender siblings share a bedroom?

7. On his last (and most delightful) trip here my dad and I had a conversation that went like this:
dad: So when your kids are teenagers are you going to, you know, talk to them?
me: Huh?
dad: You know, about sex.
me: (beet red, gripping sterring wheel, reminding myself that I am a married adult and my parents have only had sex twice) of course we will. Why?
dad: Well, since they're not actually related, you know, they might...
me: STOP dad GOD GAWHD stop.

I love my dad, but I am still recovering from that one.
PS - That video is probably only funny if you know my dad and can ignore my hideous laugh. Good thing only my mom reads this!


MommyOver40 said...

Couldn't stop laughing! I can totally picture the conversation,the hesitation, the "WTF???" on your face. Did you throw up a little bit in your mouth? O my gosh, I'm still laughing. Good old dad!

Marinka said...

Eggs! Demiting! First movie! Dancing bears! Oh MY!

Karen said...

ah...Fred. Can always count on him for some inappropriate commentary. Poor chickens, haven't they been through enough already?