Saturday, July 17, 2010

Glacial Time

Last week we packed up ye olde vanne and headed to Glacier National Park for our 4th annual family vacation.We didn't plan to make it a tradition, but the park is so beautiful and less than a days drive away and it has become our families *thing*, the thing the kids will probably moan about and beg to get out of in 7 years, but for now are falling over themselves with excitement and looking for deer and glaciers (which they define as any patch of snow).

Long drives used to be Jeremy and my time to talk and catch up. That was when we had one child who would watch movies for 24 hours straight if allowed. Now we have 2 children, one of whom has no interest in television. What the fu^k is up with that? So
the drive itself alternated between plesant conversation, referring kid-disputes, and trying not to yell at Zeni as she repeted "mama? mama?" over and over again. Also,
they didn't sleep - neither of them. Awake for the entire 8 hours. Suhweet. But really, how can you complain when this is what is waiting for you at the end of your drive:
It was fantastic. We hiked through snow covered passes and sledded down on our windbreakers. We did a few decent hikes with Hayden walking the whole way, and
Zeni walking and riding on shoulders. Jeremy and Hayden went canoeing, Zeni and I spent a lot of time sitting on the rocky beach, she filling and refilling buckets with rocks and water and me drinking and reading a yummy mindless book about the end of the world.

No one napped, no one really slept enough, Jeremy and I drank too much watching a storm roll in over the mountains, and although these pictures belie the truth they are so adorable I just can't resist!


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I want to go! Missing the family trip this year. Next summer...ah.