Tuesday, June 17, 2008


What did the UN say to Israel in 1947?


There's a new pool by our house- it's pretty impressive. Big water slide, "lazy river" (which is anything but when you're with a 2 year old who insists "let go mama! I swimmmm!!!" and then sinks like a rock only to be wisked down stream below the legs of teenagers in various states of flirtation who are increadibly slow to respond to my cries that they are stepping on my son) and a toddler area. Sweet. Off we went yesterday to the pool to meet some friends.

We got out of the car (ok, the mini van that I should be embarassed to own but love and yes totally understand when people give me the finger) and H is wearing his swim trunks. No swim diaper. We are standing in line and my friend, who is a few people in front of me, points down and H is now standing in a puddle. We are in the middle of the parking lot because the line is snaking out(well, crocodiling accross, snaking would imply that it is moving..) from the shaded, "form line here" area through the black tar topped parking lot. The woman in front of me gives me a "gross - do something!" look and then turns back to her pefectly behaved children. It's hot, pee is gross, especially someone else's pee, I get it. But what did she want me to do? Mop up the pee from the parking lot? I think not. Repreimand H for peeing? Another no.

I assume it is becoming clear that I do not understand the diaper v. swim diaper v. swim suit which will catch things etiqute with non potty trained children. H's suit has this netting thing which will (and has) catch anything of substance before it is released into the pool, but obviouslly lets the pee through. I just assume when I get into a public pool that there are people peeing in it. Seems like it comes with the territory. Do swin diapers actually contain the pee? I thought they were just a gimmick by pampers.... I do understand how it can be disturbing to have little toddler turds floating around and want, by all means, to contain my sons....

Deep, I know.

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Mama Kalila said...

LOL - No swim diapers (none of them) contain pee... If they did they would swell up with the water they were swimming in. I didn't know that until I went to buy a cloth one & started talking to my sposie using cousin about them... I figure they try to keep that as quiet as possible.